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Emoji's Emotions Oracle Deck for Sale Created by JemsTarot

Emoji's Emotions Oracle Deck for Sale Created by JemsTarot

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This listing is for purchasing the Emoji's Emotions Oracle Deck for yourself! Usually shipped within 2-3 business days. Purchasing this listing helps out my YouTube channel: Jemstarot. In order to purchase more decks for the channel!

Introducing "Emoji's Emotions," a unique oracle deck meticulously crafted to add a modern and playful twist to traditional tarot readings. Each card in this innovative deck features Apple emojis, vividly representing a spectrum of emotions. Whether it's the joyful 😄, the mysterious 🤔, or the introspective 🧘, every emotion is vividly captured to offer a fresh perspective on personal insights. During a tarot reading, the cards are shuffled, allowing the emojis to align in a dynamic sequence that provides a nuanced and specific glimpse into the emotional landscape. "Emoji's Emotions" combines the familiarity of emojis with the depth of traditional divination, creating an engaging and insightful tool for those seeking a contemporary approach to self-discovery and reflection.

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