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White Numen Tarot Deck for Sale

White Numen Tarot Deck for Sale

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This listing is for purchasing the White Numen deck for yourself! Usually shipped within 2-3 business days. Purchasing this listing helps out my YouTube channel: Jemstarot. In order to purchase more decks for the channel!

Inspired by ancient rituals and stories of sacred animal spirits, the White Numen forms a path to human reconnection with the natural world and spiritual realm. This uniquely beautiful tarot deck features sacred animal spirits (‘Numen’) interwoven into the classical imagery of the tarot to create cards that are both otherworldly and contemporary, with a fantasy style inspired by the likes of comic master Moebius. Most of the illustrations feature powerful women, including Death, draped in a black cloak, carrying her banner, and riding a white horse; the Queen of Pentacles, seated gracefully amid soft greenery; and the Sun striding across a desert-like landscape. Includes complete 78-card tarot deck with guidebook.

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