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Pulp Tarot Deck for Sale

Pulp Tarot Deck for Sale

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This listing is for purchasing the Pulp Tarot Deck for yourself! Usually shipped within 2-3 business days. Purchasing this listing helps out my YouTube channel: Jemstarot. In order to purchase more decks for the channel!

The Pulp Tarot gives the traditional Tarot card deck a new twist – with a cast of characters captures from the glorious repository of pulp illustration. Colorful, intriguing, and complex, The Pulp Tarot was created with only one goal in mind: to guide your questing soul from darkness to light – IF YOU DARE. The deck comes in a thoughtfully designed box created to look like a book – perfect for displaying on your coffee table, in your library, or anywhere else you want to show it off. A delicate red ribbon lies underneath the deck, allowing you to pull out your cards with ease. Features 78 sensational cards. Thrilling major arcana! Hard-boiled minor arcana! Each card is a work of art unto itself, featuring dynamic and sensational imagery to evoke the mid-century illustrations that inspired the deck, while helping you examine your future. The high-quality and sturdy cards are designed with a bold black and red pattern that will keep the direction of the card a mystery while you lay out your reading. Includes a 47-page instruction book that describes every card in dramatic detail.

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